The Problem With Pre-Packaged Weed

Pre Packaged Weed

Sales of recreational cannabis have been around for about a decade now, largely thanks to the efforts of passionate enthusiasts who wanted to bring the experience of cannabis to more people. In the fledgling days of legalization, many dispensaries happily opened jar after jar for curious customers to see and smell the weed they were considering. That weed was then weighed and packaged in front of the customer “deli style,” then taken home in a bow.

But now, most cannabis is sold in pre-packaged jars or plastic sleeves, leaving many consumers dissatisfied by the impersonal and restrictive shopping experience, not to mention complicit in the waste of countless plastic containers. Those consumers may argue that pre-packaged weed is symptomatic of the factitious commodification of cannabis, but the real problem with pre-packaged weed is that it’s too perfect for dispensaries to justify selling anything else.

The Benefits of Buying Pre-Packaged Weed

Undeniably, most of the benefits of pre-packaged weed are benefits for the seller, but buying pre-packaged cannabis does carry some benefits as well. Clear labeling, for instance, benefits everyone. No matter how good a budtender is at recounting the cannabinoid and terpene profile of your latest strain, they can’t go home with you. Labels can. Good labels printed by the cultivators (or at least at their direction) can send customers home with everything they want to know about their cannabis including a QR code for where to learn more or who to contact.

Standardized marijuana packaging also retains a certain amount of freshness. Certainly, there’s an element of freshness involved in smelling and selecting cannabis like fresh fruits at a farmer’s market, but even proponents of the deli style concede that flower in public jars quickly goes stale. In Washington state, which only allows sales in sealed packages, dispensaries are allowed to have “sniff jars” to allow customers to examine and smell the product before purchasing, but as one dispensary owner in Seattle told The Stranger in 2017, the samples quickly go stale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Pre-Packs of Weed?

Cannabis can be purchased in sealed containers of various weight denominations, or in packs of pre-rolled joints, usually also packaged by weight.

Are Pre-Rolled Blunts Good?

Similar to pre-rolled joints, pre-rolled blunts are usually pretty good, and often worth the convenience of not having to roll one yourself. Be aware: the vast majority of pre-rolled blunts do not contain tobacco, because tobacco products can’t be sold in dispensaries. Pre-rolled blunt wraps are typically hemp-based.

How is Dispensary Weed Packaged?

Weed is packaged a number of ways from sealed plastic sleeves, to recyclable jars, weighed and wrapped in front of the customer in some “deli-style” dispensaries.

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