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We offer the best quality of Cannabis concentrates in cheap rates, our weed concentrates appear in a variety of forms. Sometimes they’re on full display, like weed oil in vaporizer cartridges, and other times they fly under the radar in medicated balms and edibles.

The word ‘chemical’ is an umbrella term for cannabis concentrates. A cannabis concentrate is a highly potent mass of THC that takes on many different forms. Similar to your favorite fruit juice, cannabis concentrates are the product of distilling down the most desirable parts of the pant. In this case, the trichomes are the most desirable part of a cannabis plant due to their extremely high concentration of THC (and CBD). Trichomes are basically glandular hair-like appendages that contain a a multitude of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that make each strain of cannabis unique and effective.

As cannabis concentrates tend to be a highly concentrated form of marijuana, the effects can be physically and psychologically more intense than with regular cannabis flower use. Inhalants are the most common method for consuming cannabis concentrates. This includes vaporizers, dabs, and bowls. Some concentrates can also be found in oral forms, such as edibles and tinctures

Cannabis Waxes

Cannabis waxes are soft, opaque oils that have lost their transparency following extraction. Agitation causes the molecules of cannabis wax to crystalize which allows it to take on various consistencies based on moisture, heat, and texture. Runnier oils contain more moisture which gives them a gooey consistency often referred to as “brudder.” Harder waxes are more brittle and can be described as “honeycomb” or “crumble”.

Cannabis Resin

Live resin is a relatively new form of cannabis concentrate. This highly-aromatic concentrate delivers potency coupled with the real flavor and aroma of the marijuana plant. Cannabis resin extraction is achieved through the cryogenic freezing of a freshly-harvested cannabis plant. Known as full-spectrum, this process uses the entire cannabis plant including the branches, leaves, and stalk.

The primary difference between live resin and other weed concentrates is the terpenes. As the plant is immediately frozen after cutting, it is never dried or cured. As much as 60 percent of terpenes can be lost during the curing process but terpenes are preserved in live resin. This can improve aroma and flavor, as well as promote relaxation and stress-relief.

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