Relief Tart Cherry Gummies


Designed to provide extra strength relief to help with your toughest aches and pains, these 18:1 Tart Cherry gummies offer the highest CBD content of any edible on the market. Just like tart cherries, these extra strength gummies are formulated to help reduce everyday pain and post-exercise soreness. The proprietary blend mixes high quality CBD and THC to provide powerful relief.


Each gummy contains 18mg CBD and 1mg THC and is crafted with a custom blend of terpenes to deliver Hybrid-specific, relief effects.


• 20 servings per container

• Made with All Natural Colors and Flavors

• Low Dose

• Kosher Ingredients

• Gluten Free

• Low Calorie (5 calories per gummy)

• Low Sugar (Less than 1g per gummy)

Relief Tart Cherry Gummies edibles aus
Relief Tart Cherry Gummies


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